Alphabet - All in One
An all in one collections of Alphabet activities with high

quality 3D productions.

* Alphabet identification.
* Alphabet trace.
* Alphabet sounds.
* Alphabet words. Total 130 words.
* Delightful 3D animations teach children the definitions of

  the words in a fun and engaging way.
* Kids friendly interface.
* Full Retina display support.
* Universal - Buy it once, play it on ipad, iphone and

  ipod touch!

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How safe it is?
Alphabet - all in One is 100% kid safe to use as it has no Ads, No Data collection, No In-app purchases or No Social media links. It is a universal app which you can buy once and play it on ipad, iphone, and ipod touch!

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How value it is?
Alphabet - All on One is the best educational valued app that kids can learn all activities of an alphabet in one app. Rich colors and hyper realistic 3D animations with cinematic sounds will increase the kids attention time and help them to learn quickly & effectively. More of all 50% discount to schools.

The story behind the App 

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How Fun it is?
Alphabet - All in One will turns your ipad in to an interactive toy and gives you lot of fun. It turns the learning process in to a 3D animated movie which you love to watch.

Alphabet Sounds,

Play and learn the alphabet sounds with the dancing alphabet characters.


Alphabet Words,

5 words from each letter, total 130 words. All the words are represented with a cool animation which your kids will find fascinating and helps them to remember and learn in a better way.

Alphabet Trace,

Alphabet writing is lot more easy ever than before, just follow the moving balls with the arrow directions.